Current TV will premiere the new original series, ?50 Documentaries To See Before You Die?, on Tuesday, August 2nd. Hosted by renowned documentarian Morgan Spurlock, this series examines how, over the last quarter-century, the documentary feature has evolved into an increasingly mainstream genre, becoming a major box office draw and impacting society and contemporary American culture in ways never seen before. Over the course of five one-hour episodes, ?50 Documentaries To See Before You Die?, counts down fifty of the modern documentary era?s most powerful, provocative and moving films. The series will highlight game-changers like ?Roger & Me? and ?The Thin Blue Line,? both dating back to the late 80s, as well as more recent fare including ?Catfish? and the Academy Award winning ?Inside Job.? From the plains of Antarctica in ?March of the Penguins? to the basketball courts of Chicago in ?Hoop Dreams,? this series surveys the expansive and myriad landscape of an art form that entertains and educates, informs and agitates.

Genre: Documentary

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