Guinea Pig 

IMDb 2007  Release year: 

Ryan Stock and his partner AmberLynn Walker do things in their everyday lives most people would never consider doing on even the most outrageous dare. For Stock - an extreme circus performer -sword swallowing, nasal drilling and fire eating are all in a day's work. Gifted with an incredible resilience to pain, this time Stock is pushing his body to the limits of human endurance - all in the name of science. Guinea Pig follows Stock - aided by his partner Walker - as a human scientific guinea pig exploring the effects of various tests on the human body. Extremely dangerous and executed by professionals in a controlled environment - do not try this at home! - Stock's Guinea Pig experiences present a new way of interacting with the world and its various effects on the human body. AmberLynn Walker works with leading experts to explain the science behind the challenges Stock undertakes. From bumps and bruises to blackouts and breaks, Stock endures it all - and lives to tell the tale! Written by Anonymous

Genre: Documentary

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