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Mobbed: The basic premise behind Mobbed relies on viewers believing in something Mandel keeps describing as the power of the flash mob. Now, if you?ve been on the Internet ever, you?ve probably seen one of those videos where people start unexpectedly singing and dancing in public places, often to promote joy or holiday spirit or cell phone corporations. These videos are fun because even the very best of them (including the ones sponsored by major corporations) have a nicely amateurish and low-fi vibe, plus they?re over in five minutes, tops. Most of the time, the camera angles indicate what?s on screen has been caught hastily by someone?s cell phone camera, and the performers may not have the greatest training but they sure as hell have heart. Anyway, Mandel and Fox have decided to turn these videos into a TV show, which leads to them using the term ?flash mob? so many times that it ceases to have any meaning and becomes whatever the hell they want it to mean. Mandel and his compatriots in crime often seem to believe that the flash mob isn?t something that can be planned out or controlled but only something that can be briefly harnessed before turning on those that created it, which is where the monster movie aspect comes in. Mandel stares wide-eyed at the camera as he talks about the power of the flash mob, even as you can see the flash mob devouring military hardware whole just over his shoulder.

Genre: Reality-TV

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