Monster in-Laws

IMDb 2011  Release year: 

In-laws: most people have them… and sometimes they can be a whole lot more than a newlywed bargained for. A&E Network shines a light on married couples dealing with meddling in-laws as they try to make peace with the help of an unconventional, no-nonsense relationship expert in the new original real-life series “Monster In-Laws”. “Monster In-Laws” features real-life married couples as they reveal their relatable in-law problems. Sometimes funny and sometimes not, each episode follows the family as one spouse is trapped between the person they married and a member of their immediate family, desperate to put an end to the battles that are tearing them apart. Seasoned relationship experts bring the family under one roof and force them to face their issues so they can reach common ground and mend their broken relationships. Former trial lawyer and relationship expert Mel Robbins will do whatever it takes to achieve a breakthrough with these couples. As one of two experts this season, she devises unique exercises to get to the heart of the issue. Psychology, counseling and human development expert Tom Kersting aggressively undertakes each case and makes his patients face their issues head-on. Tom and Mel will try anything to break down these walls including; tying the families up with rope to force communication, duct taping the in-laws’ mouths shut to get them to listen, having a mother challenge her son-in-law to sell his beloved car to pay wedding costs, and even surprising a daughter-in-law with a trip to the pawn shop where she must sell all the jewelry she’s wearing to repay her mother in law.

Genre: Reality-TV

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