Urban Legends

IMDb 2007  Release year: 

The vicious kidney thieves gang of Rio de Janeiro. The man from London who was run over by a steamroller and lived. The bizarre case of a woman locked by mistake in an asylum for five years. Three incredible stories, and only one of them is actually true. Which is it? That’s the compelling question that lies at the heart of Urban Legends, a unique, entertaining and addictive new format that revels in the magic of storytelling and the irresistible draw of extreme trivia. Each episode brings to life three amazing tall tales so wonderful and far-fetched, we're dying to believe in them. The stories are all presented as fact, skillfully pieced together from archival footage, dramatic reconstruction and interviews to look like convincing, genuine documentary reports. The twist is that while one of the stories is completely true, the other two are scripted and played by actors living out popular urban myths. Viewers are challenged to decide who the liars were and who was for real, offering an addictive format that tests the viewers' gullibility, smarts and sense of humor. Stargate's David Hewlett narrates!

Genre: Documentary, Crime, Fantasy

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