Born to Kill? 

IMDb 2005  Release year: 

Take an in-depth look at some of the world’s most prolific serial killers through the first hand accounts and testaments of the people who knew them best. Police detectives, journalists, childhood friends, room mates, attorneys and leading experts in criminal psychology will offer us an insight in to their unique relationships with the most evil of society. Serial killers are the dark stars of modern culture. Their faces are familiar. We know what the Yorkshire Ripper and Ed Gein did... and how they did it. But what made them that act that way? What was the path they took from childhood to adulthood? Each of the best known serial murderers has been closely scrutinised by psychologists seeking some clue as to what prompted their awful crimes. They will provide fascinating testimony about the early years, and reveal whether there is a common pattern in their development.

Genre: Documentary, Crime

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