Don't Tell the Bride

IMDb 2007  Release year: 

Most women have dreamt of their perfect wedding day. Every detail has been considered from what dress they will wear down to what flowers will grace their bouquet. "Don’t Tell The Bride" follows couples through the entire process of organizing a wedding, but the twist is that the bride has absolutely no involvement, as she has agreed to hand over all control of the wedding to the groom. She has no idea where she’s getting married, or who is turning up, until the big day itself, and she won’t see the dress until just hours before she wears it up the aisle. The couple are split up for the month leading up to the big day, and the groom has to pull off the whole thing in secret. Will the relationship survive the strain? Will the groom succeed in pulling together the perfect wedding? And is his idea of perfection anywhere near hers?

Genre: Documentary

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