The Big Cheese 

IMDb 2011  Release year: 

The US is now the biggest cheese producer in the world and creates over 350 high quality, award-winning cheeses. Join chef and cheese expert Jason Sobocinski as he tours some of the best cheese makers in the country, and cooks with their cheese alongside celebrated local chefs. One of the world's great staples, cheese is the result of a mysterious combination of mould, milk, rennet and enzymes - a challenge the Food Jammers cannot resist. Nobu, Chris and Micah call on a cheese-maker and a sheep farmer to learn all of the delicate steps to produce a beautiful mould-covered round of sheep's cheese. The guys convert their fridge into a bacteria cave - a cool and dark place to allow the cheese to gestate, and in a few weeks, the guys are digging into their delicious round with crackers and wine.


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