The Germanic Tribes

2009  Release year: 

The four-part series The Germanic Tribes shows the rise of the tribes of the North; developing from a primitive culture on the fringe of Europe into the heirs of the Roman Empire. For a long time the view of the Germanic people of many peoples was distorted by the Germanic cult of the 19th century and the Nazi dictatorship. Due to new methods and discoveries, research is now able to present a more accurate picture of the Germanic tribes. Many clichés about the barbarians of the North have to be discarded as myths The linchpin of Germanic history is the conflict with the Roman Empire. Since the age of Caesar this Roman-Germanic conflict was characterized not only by fierce battles but also by phases of co-existence and cooperation. The Germans dug the grave of the Roman Empire, but they were also the preservers of the Roman legacy. The series breathes new life into the little known world of the Germanic tribes. We see how they lived, fought, and worshipped their gods. Intricate 3D animation shows us how they built their settlements, buried their kings, vanquished their enemies. Roman cities such as ancient Cologne, home of the Romanophile Germans, and the Roman limes, the border to free Germania, are also reconstructed through magnificent computer graphics. The Germanic Tribes portrays the protagonists of an epoch of formative influence for Europe whose legacy is still with us.

Genre: Documentary

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