Top Secret Recipe

IMDb 2011  Release year: 

Each week, our food hacker host, Todd Wilbur, investigates an iconic American recipe and attempts to re-create it as close as possible to the original, proving it with a blind taste test. In each one-hour episode, Wilbur is faced with a new challenge -- re-create the secret recipe of an iconic American brand in three days, whether it's Colonel Sanders' highly regarded KFC chicken blend or those famous Cinnabon rolls. Armed only with his keen sense of taste, investigative skills and a mobile food lab, Wilbur heads to that brand's corporate headquarters to meet with the CEO and begin his process of using every means possible to crack the recipe. Over the next three days, Wilbur employs a number of creative gumshoe efforts to zero in on the recipe. He rolls up his sleeves and goes "CSI" by testing samples in his undercover mobile food lab, disguising himself for retail store visits, spying on preparation techniques, pumping employees for information on crucial ingredients and talking his way into high security areas. "I'm determined to figure out these recipes, and I'm confident my clones will fool even the most diehard fans", said Wilbur. "I've enjoyed cracking top secret recipes for years, and now that CMT has given me this show, I have even more resources so I can move faster and think bigger, which makes for some entertaining adventures fans will enjoy ... not to mention the food!". Once the clock stops, brand executives and fans sit down to dine on both creations in a blind taste test. Can Wilbur fool the judges and successfully pull off a counterfeit dish? Or will the classic recipe reign supreme? After decades of silence, the techniques and ingredients of some of our favorite meals will finally be revealed.

Genre: Documentary

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